8 thoughts on “7 Things We Need To Clean More Often | Clean with Me

  1. Jen, thank you for all of your hard work throughout the years. I have been a subscriber since your first video went up. You are a pioneer in the homemaking field on YouTube. May God bless you and your family richly in the next chapter of your life. Sincerely, Donna

  2. Jen, you are such an inspiration! I will miss you so much. You have helped me tremendously in my homemaking, goal setting, financial and organizational skills. I’ve been watching almost from the beginning. Time flies!

    I send my best wishes and prayers for this next chapter in you and your family’s life!

  3. Dear Jen, I follow your great tips and videos for a long time and was quite puzzled to read that you quit YouTube. Why is that?! What happened to you? Are you o.k.? Please let me know, I really care and would miss to hear from you!
    Yours, Petra

  4. Dear Jen! I’m a mother of two from Hungary, Europe. (Sorry, my english is not wery good.) I just want to tell you: THANK YOU EVERYTHING! I learned so much from you. You are an inspiration for me. I hope, that I can hear from you someday. God bless you and your family.

  5. So sorry you are no longer making YouTube videos! You will be missed. Maybe someday you could come back and share Scriptures and biblical teaching, or something along those lines. Whenever you added those thoughts to your regular videos I thought you would be a great women’s bible study teacher. Anyway I wish you all the best, and thank you for all you’ve taught!

  6. Just started watching you on YouTube and you make me, the clutter bug, think even I, could get more organized. I wonder if you ever share a print copy of your zones. Thanks!

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