5 thoughts on “My Weekly Cleaning Routine | How I Clean My House

  1. I enjoy your cleaning videos and tips. I have a question — I would love to know your approach to deep cleaning — baseboards, doors, other tasks that don’t fit into a weekly routine. They are less frequent but take more time. Thanks

  2. Hi. I’m new to your videos and I apologize if this is something you’ve already covered. I’m always looking for a more organized, streamlined cleaning routine so it doesn’t feel like all I’m doing all day, every day is cleaning. I like your weekly cleaning routine. It seems very thorough without taking up your entire day. I would like to ask; however, when/how you do your kitchen cleaning and how you fit it in to your weekly cleaning routine. I have a weekly cleaning routine and I’ve been trying to add in deep cleaning as well to get those things I often keep overlooking. However, it seems like weeks go by and all I have done is clean. I’m definitely looking for balance. Thanks and I look forward to seeing more of your videos.

  3. Also, one more quick question: With your daily/weekly cleaning routine, along with your zone deep cleaning, how much time do you think you spend per day on your cleaning routine? Again, I’m just striving for balance as I tend to “OCD” it! LOL

  4. have you thought of selling some printables of your routine? cause Id buy them to take the thinking out of it lol

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