Meal Planning Made Easy

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I’ve been telling you all about Eat at Home Meal Plans because it is incredibly helpful. But you may be wondering how it really works.

How do you really use Eat at Home Meal Plans?

See? It’s so easy!

Three steps. Lots of options!

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A Little Help for Back to School Busyness!

Hey guys! How are those of you with school aged children doing with back to school? This year both of my boys are in college! That’s hard to believe, but I must admit it’s pretty awesome! I just had to give a little guidance about course selection to Josh and pay tuition.
I know this time of year can feel a little overwhelming so I wanted to share a very helpful and inexpensive resource.

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I’ve talked about Eat at Home before and have made lots of the meals. The summer corn salad and apple slaw have become favorites in our house! In case you aren’t familiar, I’ll share all of the benefits.

Eat at Home provides you with a menu for the week, all of the recipes and a grocery list. It is super affordable and makes meal planning super easy! You can select slow cooker meals, traditional meals, wholesome meals or no sugar and no flour meals (perfect for us gluten free peeps). You have access to all of the meals so you can switch back & forth. You can also select a small or large recipe depending on your family size.

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