What I Ate Today | 3 New Healthy Recipes

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Jen’s Quick Tip: Keep Your Recipes Clean While Cooking

Don’t you hate when you’re cooking and your cookbook gets stained from something spilling on it or from touching it with food on your hands? Recipes we print off the internet can also turn into a big mess. And, trying to scroll down on a computer or other device  while in the kitchen can create a disaster. While planning my meals for the week, I print off any new recipes from the internet I want to try and make a quick copy of recipes I’ll be using from cookbooks.  When I’m ready to use one, I slide it into a clear plastic sheet protector (the kind made for 3 ring binders) and use a magnet to stick it at eye level on the fridge. This helps so much because it’s away from the food I’m cooking and there’s no need for me to touch it. My electronic devices are safe and my cookbooks remain pretty and stain free.