1 thought on “Chat: My Thoughts on Aging | Botox | Positive Thoughts About Life After 40

  1. Hi Jen,
    I want to tell you first of all, that I love watching your videos because you are not afraid to talk about being a Christian.
    I appreciate that so much and I have enjoyed hearing you talk about Bible Study, devotions, reading your Bible, and sharing your favorite verses.
    Secondly, I love watching you because I grew up in Detroit in the 50’s and 60’s.
    I graduated from Denby High School (northeast side of Detroit), and I love watching date night videos when you go into the city and I see places I’m familiar with! 😊 Like the one you did around Christmas time. I grew up going to Hudson’s, Crowley’s and Kern’s department stores downtown. You are probably too young to remember any of those but Hudson’s. Detroit was a wonderful place to grow up in the 50’s!
    In reference to the aging video: I am 70 years old, and I agree with your comments about being more confident, saying no, and not comparing oneself to others. I think you look lovely the way you are, and if you have wrinkles, they are not visible on my phone screen! But please, don’t worry about wrinkles, because they add character to a person’s appearance – most especially around the eyes, because very often they come from smiling a lot. And who wouldn’t want to be known for doing that? I think “crow’s feet” make a person’s eyes look that much cuter when they smile. Sort of like they are winking at you with both eyes at once!
    You are an inspiration to me in the areas of cleaning and cooking, too. You make both seem so effortless.
    I love organization, so those videos are always of special interest to me. The Happy Planner, with stickers and all appeal to me on the “make things pretty” level, and I tried it once, but it seems more like a scrap booking exercise than keeping a schedule organized. I would rather have a planner that is just pretty because it was printed that way, or use a loose leaf and find pretty colored paper.
    Have you ever done a Bible Study on Discerning God’s Will? Since my husband died (7 years ago) and since I retired from teaching (5 years ago), I’ve had more trouble knowing if I am or not.
    I’d appreciate if you would talk about that sometime, if you have.
    Thank You Jen, for being you and for doing such a quality job and for being such a love person. You are an encourager to me.

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