Catch up on my latest videos!

I am sorry I haven’t been posting my videos here every day. I’m sure most of you know that we are renovating our new home and have been very busy. I would love it if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel How Jen Does It. Here is the link:  I post videos almost everyday at 7am EST.

Thank you all for watching!



9 thoughts on “Catch up on my latest videos!

  1. Jen, I am a senior citizen and can’t thank you enough for your inspiring, artistic and informative videos. First of all although my children, in their 40’s with their own families I do not look my age and actually wear my hair like yours and shop in Forever 21. However I am in a different sort of stage and just want you to know your videos help to improve my life. I love interior design and shopping and have gotten so many ideas from you. After watching one of your videos I have decided to purchase storage boxes like the one you bought from Home Goods for letters from your viewers. Well I found some and they are perfect for some of my daughter and son’s wedding memorabilia. I am on a budget and love looking at your home and clothing hauls as well as food hauls. I love your practical approach with an elegant flair. Some of your clothes hauls have given me ideas for gifts for my daughter and daughter in law. Your personality is special and authentic and your husband is special as well. I watch your videos before I leave for work , write down ideas and it is an uplifting start for my day. Thank you for inspiring me!!!!

    • Hi Jen
      I am a lady of a more mature age and you have inspired me to take charge of my life again, I was like you, my house was in complete order and I worked full time as well, My now ex husband did not do anything to help but I just got on with it, after 4 years of marriage my ex husband suddenly announced that he did not want to live in a show home and wanted to live in a house that looked lived in, I felt totally unappreciated so I thought if that’s what he wants that’s what he shall have, so I only cleaned as and when it was needed and it soon became a tip. We then moved to a better area to a house that needed some work to bring it up to a good standard, alas he did not want to spend the time and money to get the work done he only did the barest minimum to get us moved in the house, to cut a long story short we are no longer married after 22 years he walked away from our marriage with someone else. The sad thing is that I have got so used to living in an untidy home that I do not see it anymore. However on the positive side having recently found you on youtube it has made me realise that I am living in the past and only me can move forward. I want to retire next year and my home needs to be presentable so here goes keep making the videos so I can get my daily push to get me going
      god bless you

  2. Hi Jen,

    I love your videos and all the information, tips-&-tricks you share so generously!

    You had mentioned in one of your videos that you would like viewers/ readers for feedback vis-a-vis what topics they want you to touch upon. (I have subscribed your channel, but I am no longer on FB & since I don’t have your public e-mail id, I am writing here.) I have a few requests, if I may.

    1) Garage organization (even if your husband & children work on that space, it would be great to know how you’ll manage to keep it neat & organized.): (i) how the tools & other stuff have been stored (ii) your garage cleaning routine & schedule (Our garage gets dusty so often & using a regular mop isn’t working.) (iii) how do you store bikes, sport-related equipments & miscellaneous items (iv) Did you keep the extra house paint in the garage & how have you stored it?

    2) Car: Our car does not have any storage area between the front seats & I am using a bin in that place to keep my essentials. But I am always on the lookout for ideas. (i) Cleaning routine & how often you do it (ii) Most importantly, how do you organize your trunk. How did you organize it when your children were toddlers (I have a two-year old & we keep his stroller in our trunk even though we don’t have to use it much. But that takes up some space). (iii) Tips. In one of your hauls, the floor of your car was covered with a pink cloth/blanket (absolutely loved the color) — I assume you do that when you have to keep your groceries. I liked that idea a lot. I keep blankets in the trunk but never thought of doing that during grocery shopping. Thanks! 🙂

    3) Time management: I have seen your time management/ busy day videos & loved it. Thank you! However, I would like to, if it is possible & hope I am not intruding, request you to do a vlog or informative video on one of your days mentioning the time when you did the said activity. Eg: 8.00AM – daily cleaning. 9:00-11:00AM – workout. I have realized, even after several trial & errors, that the day is not enough to do at least a couple of extra activities/chores other than the day-to-day ones. I need to do something different, but can’t really pinpoint. So, if you could share the time & the corresponding work/activity/ chore, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks once again for all your videos and, believe it or not, I check your new video posts even before I check my mail. A true inspiration! 🙂


  3. I love your videos, and would love to get a good, workable routine together over here across the pond 🇬🇧!
    Do you have some sort of pdf download sheet for the daily and zone cleaning that I can print off, plan and cross off when I’ve done them?
    You’re inspirational!!
    Thank you.

  4. HI Jen, new subscriber, went anonymous on this question because well…’s pretty silly. 🙂

    My husband and I are 49-52 and we have no kids. I volunteered us to host a 16 year old boy from India for our Rotary Club. We did not originally volunteer, but when this one vegetarian boy was did not get a placement and would have been denied I volunteered. My husband is supportive but we are clueless. I’ll be great at getting him involved in sports and other activities and I’ll be searching out veggie recipes (including yours!) but I have no idea what rules to give him. My original thought was I would host like any guest and wait and clean up for them. But the Rotary insturctions say (and when I think of it I agree) the student needs a clear understanding of the house rules and needs a responsible work load. He will have his own bathroom and his own bedroom. What cleaning routine do you suggest? I would not presume he can handle the same as your boys who you’ve trained since very young. And I’d like to error on the side of less workload to avoid conflict. He’ll be with us for 3-6 months, depending on what other hosts come forward.

  5. Do you have any suggestions for how to store infant/baby clothing for a family that will continue to grow a few more times? Thank you in advance.

  6. I love your channel. I wanted you to please be aware of the pitfalls of discusses this. Thank you so much for all your videos.

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