New Home Renovations Vlog: A Little Bit of Progress

I’m so excited about everything that is happening at our new house. This vlog is from Tuesday. I’ll have my “What’s for Dinner?’ video up tomorrow and another new house vlog up on Sunday. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


1 thought on “New Home Renovations Vlog: A Little Bit of Progress

  1. Hi Jen, just wanted to tell you that I recently found your blog & I am obsessed with your videos:). I love to carry around my phone & listen to you as I clean. I am a 43 year old mostly stay at home mom (I work in our home office appraisal business part time) with 3 kids in school, ages 15, 13 & 9, so it was soooo refreshing to find you. I feel like most of the you-tubers and bloggers are young mamas with small kiddos, while I enjoy some of their blogs, I feel like I have more in common with yours. My husband works most of the time from our home office, so I understand how it is to have them home often during the day. I love your meal plans & trader joe hauls, organizing, makeup & fashion, fitness, basically everything:). I too love a good workout & feed mostly real, healthy food to my family, budget & cook each day. Sadly TJ’s is a 3 hour drive away, but I do huge stock ups when I visit my mom in the city:). Just wanted to tell you thanks for your videos!! I’m excited to see your new house organization & decorating! We are planning a house remodel too!

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