DITL Vlog: House Hunting


1 thought on “DITL Vlog: House Hunting

  1. Have been playing catch up with your blog/vlog. Anyway, I now know you did get the house. It is beautiful. You should be so happy, what an upgrade for your family; I would not be so critical about the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Now you are all living in a place that can’t begin to compare, so be super happy about everything. We live in a 2800 sq. ft. colonial that was our first and only home. We purchased it 25 years ago, when we were 31 and 32 years old. Up until then, we had been in 5 different apartments, and this house seemed like a mansion. Of course, I went on to have 3 sons in this house, and it did not seem that large after a time. We did eventually think of moving but decided to stay put and remodel our bathrooms and kitchen. That was 15 years after moving in! Fast forward to now, and we are empty nesters, and have 3 spare rooms that I just sit. Boys are in NY and California! Trying to decide what next move will be, probably downsizing. Life is a circle!

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