Budget and Finance Series: Budget for Everything!

In this video, I answer a few of the questions I received and show you how budget for everything!

7 Common Money Mistakes: http://youtu.be/bPPQC6sEISc

I thought I’d add the budget list I showed in the video, in case you would like to look at it.


These items may already be taken out of your check:
Retirement/Health Insurance/Life Insurance

Mortgage, taxes, homeowners insurance
Groceries and household items
College savings fund
Car payment(s)
Car insurance
Gas and electric
Credit card payments
Additional debt
Spending money
Childrens’ allowances
Date night
Gym membership(s)
Any additional monthly expenses: hair color, eyebrows, nails, subscription boxes, magazine subscriptions, pet expenses, gifts

Additional things: Christmas, vacation, home repairs, auto repairs, fees (school, sports, etc.),
car insurance, life insurance, school clothes, school supplies, car registration, AAA, deductibles for auto and health insurance.



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