Jen’s Easy Chicken Parmesan

We all love those easy, but delicious week night meals. My Chicken Parmesan is one of my family’s favorite easy dinners. The chicken cooks nice and tender because I first cook it in skillet with a little olive oil to get it nice and crispy and then finish it in the oven. I share how I make it in the video below.


1 thought on “Jen’s Easy Chicken Parmesan

  1. Greetings from Holland, Michigan, Jen!

    Just wanted to thank you for a few recipes of yours that I’ve tried: Stromboli earlier this week, and Parmesan Chicken tonight. Both were delicious and hubby says they are both “Make Again.”

    Also wanted to thank you for sharing your faith and scripture on your YouTube channel— it’s encouraging to see and hear God’s Word from a lifestyle/beauty blogger! I’ve enjoyed your channel lots and wanted to just say Hi and Thank You!

    Sincerely, Jen

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