My Weekly Routine

I love routines! They help me to stay organized and get everything done without feeling overwhelmed. Everyone has a different set of responsibilities and our routines will look differently, but hopefully you will find some helpful tips as I share my weekly routine with you. I talk about my routine in this video on my YouTube channel:

Thank you for watching!



2 thoughts on “My Weekly Routine

  1. A printable list of cleaning habits and routines would be an awesome accompaniment to watching the videos. I love the videos I’ve watched so far. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. I found fly lady about the time you did, I think… I incorporated some of her ideas, and made a difference. I found you several months ago…I knew nothing about you tube or youtubers like you. I was facinated to actually see you do your routines. You do make it look easy! You’ve actually helped me to finally ‘GET IT!”
    As I’m struggling to re-train myself, I hear your music in my head. I wish I’d figured it all out like you have. I’m making progress. Thanks!

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