Jen’s Style Tip: Make Your Outfit Look Its Best

How often has this happened to you? You find a cute new top and in your mind you have the perfect skirt, shoes and accessories to go with it. You might even lay out your whole outfit the night before church, work, school or a date. It’s time to get ready so you put on your new top and you’re sure the skirt will look great with it. You look in the mirror only to realize it doesn’t look so great after all. You frantically search through your closet trying to find something else to wear. You are trying on clothes and tossing them all over your room. Finally, you find something you like and now you need to find the shoes to go with it. You start trying on shoes, which creates an even bigger mess. You look around your room and see the heap of clean clothes and shoes on your floor and you haven’t even started on your accessories (The problems we girls have!). Now you’re looking at the clock, feeling frazzled and telling yourself, “They’re just clothes and shoes. I need to go or I’m going to be late!”

You can make your outfit look its best and save yourself the hassle by picking out your outfit and trying it on the day before. Try everything on right down to your shoes and accessories. Check out your outfit in different lighting and make sure you have on the proper undergarments. Once you have your outfit and accessories, lay it all out for the next day and you’ll be prepared to look your best.


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